Infection prevents Guapo’s operation

11 Oct

We have some more news of Guapo but it does not look good for the poor little guy.

He was supposed to be operated on yesterday but the infection in his broken leg bone is too advanced and therefore the risk of anaesthetising him
for the operation is too great.

He is still quite happy in himself although in a lot of pain even with the intravenous painkillers.

The only solution now is to try and suspend him using a harness around his waist so that the hip and pelvic bones can settle into the right position
for the operation, and so that his weight is off the wounds, hopefully relieving some of the pain.

He is having very strong medication to fight the infection and prevent septicemia. He must have this for 5 days and be suspended from his harness
aswell. There is a big worry that his malnutrition combined with the painkillers will harm his liver and kidneys in the long-term, but this is not always the case.

Hopefully in 5 days the infection will have reduced enough (hopefully gone completely) to allow them to operate.
They have also found now a break at the base of his tail. They are worried that he may end up paralised, and if that happens then the only kind thing to
do is to end his suffering and let him run free forever.

We are all hoping and praying that he will get better over the next few days so that he can have the operation.

Please keep sending you thoughts and prayers for Guapo.


One Response to “Infection prevents Guapo’s operation”

  1. sarah October 19, 2007 at 6:03 pm #

    All the best to Guapo and having had for seven years a greyhound who was very near death the effort is well worth it. Spain is a typical Catholic country were animals don’t have souls or feel pain and are just a commodity. This is why I am not a Catholic anymore because I know differently.

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