Italian couple find out first-hand about the cruelty of the Puerto Real “Animal Refuge”

12 Oct

Recently an Italian couple came to the millennial Cadiz as tourists with their three companions, their three dogs.

As they planned to make a trip through the white villages of Cadiz, they wanted to leave their three dogs in a canine boarding kennel, and not knowing anyone in the city…… who better to ask than City Council of Cadiz!!!! Could they recommend a boarding kennel for their beloved dogs?

The clerk at the city council of Cadiz had the clever idea to send them to the establishment that does the dirty work for the city, the establishment whose mission is to exterminate the abandoned and unwanted animals of Cadiz, the establishment who has the deceptive name of the “Association for the Protection of Animals” and whose name deceives anyone who is truly looking for a protectorate of animals.

A shady piece of advice which landed the three dogs of these tourists in the canine boarding kennel known as the Puerto Real dog pound.

Three days later, after leaving the dogs and paying for the board, and after visiting the lovely white villages in the Cadiz mountain range, they returned to the Puerto Real dog pound to retrieve their three dogs, and much to their macabre surpise, the only one of their dogs to be found in that pound was little “Oliva”, and she was in the freezer of that lugubrious place, and with no sign of a struggle. The other two little travel companions had disappeared.

The two Italians are totally devastated, and one more denouncement is filed against the Puerto Real dog pound, and as citizens we are forced to continue to tolerate that the city councils such as Cadiz continue paying an extermination camp, and in an attempt to cleanse its image they put the name of “Association for the Protection of Animals” on the door. In reality, it is simply the Puerto Real Dog Pound.


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