Protest in Cadiz: Hundreds gather to protest against the Puerto Real “animal refuge” where an agonising death awaits any animal that comes through its doors

12 Oct

In the Puerto Real kennels that have the gall to call themselevs “El Refugio”, hundreds of dogs and cats are being killed in one of the most agonising ways imaginable.

Animals that are unfortunate enough to find themselves in this “refuge” are being killed with an injection of Myoflex. This is a cheap and in Spain, an illegal injection which causes slow respiratory failure whilst also paralysing the muscles of the recipient. The animal is paralised and fully conscious as it slowly suffocates to death in agonising pain and complete terror.

Pictures and videos taken by protestors inside the “refuge” show dead and dying dogs and cats littering the floors of kennels, rooms and hallways. Around them are their terrified kennel mates who will soon follow the same fate.

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Inside Puerto Real

Hundreds of protestors gathered outside the “refuge” to demonstrate against the barbaric treatment of the animals inside the facility. A large media presence at the protest helped to spread awareness of the cruelty happening in Cadiz. According to the Spanish newspaper LA RAZON this is the first case where legal steps against the owners of such a facility has occurred. The manager as well as 2 office workers are now accused of cruelty to animals, misrepresentaiton of the facility, and forgery of documents. According to the President of ” El Refugio ” dogs and cats could be killed for just 35Eur using this injection.

The Spanish media have reported on the case, in the evening news on all national channels!!!

Spanish news report.

Now is the ideal moment to make the world aware of the cruelty happening in the kennels calling themselves “animal refuges” in Spain!!!

Please help to stop the torture in the Puerto Real dog pound and sign a petition to ask the Cadiz authorities to do the following:

Protest against the way the authorities of the province of Cádiz treat the animals and totally neglect animal wellfare.

Demand not only that the authorities break all contracts existing with “la perrera de Puerto Real” but also change their policies with respect to animal welfare and in particular the way the homeless animals of the province are treated.

Puerto Real Petition


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