Ban hunting with Galgos: Petition of over 50′000 signatures handed in to Spanish officials today

25 Oct

The Galgo charities of Spain and the EU would like to thank everyone who signed the recent petition to stop hunting with Galgos.

“This morning over 50′000 signatures have been given to prohibit hunting with galgo. However even after this excellent collection we must continue to get more signatures and continue insisting on the end of hunting with galgos. Once again it has been possible to take to the offices of the Ministry several galgos, that have been the living image of the continuous mistreatment to which these dogs in Spain are put under. Thanks to all those that you have signed the petition.

SEVERAL MISTREATED GALGOS GO TO THE MINISTRY OF MEDIO.AMBIENTE · the FAPA gives 50′000 signatures that are added to other 50′000 taken in December of 2005 asking for the prohibition of hunting with galgos.

Madrid, 24 of October of 2007.-La Federation of Protective Associations and Defense Animal of the Community of Madrid (FAPA), has given at 12,30 this morning, in the Ministry of Medio.ambiente, 50,000 signatures demanding the prohibition of hunting with galgos.
All these signatures are of citizens, associations of Spain and Europe which are tired of seeing the suffering that these animals endure at the hands of their owners. They have wanted to participate by raising their voices in name of more than 100′000 galgos that are rejected every year in Spain once the hunting season has finished.
This situation is untenable, the galgos are abandoned, shot, hanged or thrown alive into disused wells. Those that have the luck of being gathered by Protective Associations, are undernourished, dehydrated and terrified of people because of the continuous bad treatment to which they are put under.

The FAPA has taken its message east across the EU about the continuous mistreatment that the galgos endure. They also protests about the problems that supposes this type of hunting with dogs has on the native wildlife.
In France the hunting laws prohibit hunting with galgos because they are specifically a quick animal, and a predator being outside the control of the hunter.
The FAPA hope to follow the rest of Europe and put an end to this situation with the aid of the commission that has been created.
The galgueros (galgo hunters), have by being allowed to do what they want, breed and illegally and maintain their dogs in facilities without authorization.
The own forces of the order and the administration have ample knowledge of these situations, and we requested that you intensify inspection and that the identification by means of microchip becomes obligatory in all Spain.

The President of the FAPA ( Matilde Cubillo remembers that, although some galguero treat galgos well, in its majority the hunters continuously mistreat their dogs from birth, feed them only bread and water, and at the end of the season of hunting they are rejected, in most of the cases of a cruel death.
This Federation has met in several occasions with Minister Cristina Narbona since she has always shown a great desire to end this problem.

With this delivery of signatures and the request of the prohibition of hunting with galgos in Spain, we hoped to put to us at level of Europe in this field and to end thousand of galgos mistreatment, who are then left to die at hands of their cruel owners.
The Federation of Protective Associations and Defense Animal of the Community of Madrid (FAPA), founded on Madrid, in 1999, Integra to Dawn, Amnesty Animal C.M., ANAA, WALKS, APAP Alcala de Henares, Evolution, Galgos without Borders, the Voice Animal, PROW, SPAP Madrid and the Foundation Aid to the Animals. Its mission is to work jointly in the eradication of the mistreatment of animals by means of educative and divulging campaigns, the promotion of the adoption and birth control in galgos, the proposal of legislative improvements, as well as tasks of inspection and prosecution.



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