Tritons tragic story

29 Oct

We have just received this terrible story of unbelievable cruelty from our friends at the Kimba Refuge today.

“There are those who think that as animal protection societies we are accustomed to all types of abuse, but there are dispicable people who continuously demonstrate to us just how far abuse can go by a useless sadist (in the broadest sense of the word), who aims all of his cruelty toward defenseless and weak beings. His cowardice would never allow him to become aggressive with a species that could defend itself.

Recently a poor little abandoned dog had the misfortune to cross the dirty path of someone in the village of “El CUERVO” (Sevilla).

Tritón is the name that we’ve given to this good little dog who was abandoned like many others in the above mentioned village. A nice young woman had been feeding him, along with a group of abandoned dogs in the village. And one day when she went out to feed them as usual, she found him in this lamentable condition.

Some dangerous halfwit from this village had tied him up with wire and then beat him nearly to death.

Thanks to Sandra, this dear little boy, Tritón, is now at Kimba. He has bruises all over his little body, two open wounds on his head, and he lost one of his pretty eyes, due to the beating from that degenerate which punctured the iris.

Tritón has lost a lot of blood and is very anemic. Our veterinarian told us that he will operate on the eye as soon as possible, but first the dog will need to recover a bit, as he would not be able to tolerate the anesthesia in his present condition.

At Kimba we are doing everything possible to nurse Tritón back to health, and the prospects are in his favor.

As you can see he is looking better. We have bathed him and we are hoping that next Thursday our veterinarian will operate on his eye.

One more abuse added to the endless arbitrary sufferings inflicted upon small beings by worthless individuals who without doubt will sooner or later begin to attack women and children. And if only for the possibility of that happening, the people of that village should investigate the atrocity that took place in their town. We are very certain that someone must have heard this poor animal crying.

But, of course, he is merely a ragged dog in EL CUERVO, a “beautiful and cultured” Andalusian village.”

For further information about Triton or the Kimba Refuge, please use the following links and details.

SWAP team have received from Maria Daines, a wonderful supporter who does so much for the animals through her fantastic music, a link to her new song dedicated to Triton.Tritons song: Is it bad enough for you?


4 Responses to “Tritons tragic story”

  1. susan coldock November 1, 2007 at 5:08 pm #

    Triton’s plight is heart rendering, hope you get better and soon lovely boy.

  2. Maria November 4, 2007 at 3:05 pm #

    Thank you for sharing Triton’s story, it is hard to imagine how anybody could hurt an innocent street dog for whom life was already hard. I am so thankful for the caring staff of Kimba Refuge and all those compassionate people around the world who try to make a difference for animals every day. We must never forget them, they need us to speak out against cruelty and laws must be strengthened to protect them and combat such abuse.

    Best wishes

  3. Nancy November 7, 2007 at 2:13 am #

    Such a horrible way to treat a defenseless soul who wants nothing more than someone to love. Thank goodness for kind people who are willing to step forward and help. Pray for Triton’s full recovery and a loving home to care for him. All dogs deserve love and kindness.

  4. Chloe November 26, 2007 at 2:00 pm #

    They Treat Dogs So Horribly I Cant Imagine It. Me And My Family Have Recently Rescued A Lurcher From Spain Abandened On A Roof No Food No Water. She Is Now With Are Family In Spain Being Fatened Up And Looked After And Hopefully Being Shipped To England In January. Thanks To Peopls Like Sandra Dogs Have A Chance Of Living. Hope Triton’s Better Soon Poor Little Sweerheart x

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