PRO-GALGO UK jets off to Spain

30 Oct

On Thursday 1st November PRO-GALGO UK are jetting off to meet up with Mo Swatek (our founder) and PRO-GALGO GERMANY.

We are taking 2 suitcases full of supplies which have been so kindly donated by the caring sighthound-loving public of the UK. Our Christmas appeal for donations of veterinary and general dog supplies launched nearly 3 weeks ago has been an AMAZING success and the Galgos in our shelters will really have a wonderful Christmas.


We have had the following doggy items donated:

23 Greyhound coats

25 Blankets/Throws

12 Towels

2 dog bowls

5 dog toys

2 portable dog water bottle/dispensers

23 Leads

18 Collars

1 Harness

4 safety muzzles

1 dog boot (to wear over wounds)


And the following veterinary/medical items:

1Dermisol cream

2 vet wound powder

1 Metacam

30+ rolls of bandages

100+ wound dressings

2 Octoclean ear cleaner

1 large pot Sudocrem

1 Antiseptic spray

1 box 104 Drontal Plus

2 Frontline (6 pippettes)

1 packet safety gloves


Here it all is prior to packing:


PRO-GALGO would like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone that donated items to our Christmas appeal.

We will be taking lots of photos on our trips to the 3 animal shelters associated with PRO-GALGO whcih will be available to view here when we return to the UK.


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