PRO-GALGO makes a short visit to Spanish shelters

8 Nov

Thursday night (1st Nov), Peter Braig of PRO GALGO Deuschland e.V with his nephew Patrick, Elkie Lonnkvist of PRO GALGO ENGLAND and Mo Swatek of PRO GALGO SPAIN; along with the dogs NOODLES and shy Italian Greyhound LEO drove off towards Jaen, near Andalusia. We had many medical and dog supplies and cash donations to distribute to the shelters and their volunteers.

LEO came along because he does not like the babysitter of Mo’s dogs. He has progressed amazingly well on the journey and is developing from a shy mini Galgo into a very brave dog…making himself comfortable on our kness in the car and sleeping for hours in ELKIE’s and PATRICK’S arms.

The goal of the journey was to show the German and English PRO-GALGO representatives the way in which PRO-GALGO works and the conditions of shelters in Spain… and naturally to meet and be put in contact with Tete and her colleagues in Linares, Mariangeles of Badajoz, Antonio and his wife in Martos; and with Ana and their family from Soquellamos (La Mancha).

Tete and her family did their best to spoil us during our stay… and treated us to a breakfast of hot chocolate and traditional pastry before our long trip to Martos to meet Antonio, the rescuer of GUAPO BLANCO.

PRO-GALGO reps with Tete and Mariangeles.

Antonio with Mo’s dogs Noodles and Leo

Antonio receiving the donations for Guapo’s care from PRO-GALGO UK (Elkie Lonnkvist) and PRO-GALGO GERMANY (Peter Braig).

A HUGE thankyou to everyone that donated either money or supplies; they really have been a lifeline for the shelters we vsitied.


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