Protest march of the Linares shelter

2 Dec

2 weeks ago volunteers and friends of the Linares shelter (Arco Natura Linares), took to the streets of Linares with banners and dogs from the shelter with shouts of “NO AL ABANDONO”, meaning “no to abandoning”. PRO-GALGO also had a banner proudly displayed.

After the protest march they hosted a fun dog show for the dogs of the shelter and members of the public and opened information and merchandise stands to raise money for the shelter.

The day was a great success in raising awareness of the terrible abandoning of pets and hunting dogs (galgos and podencos) in Spain. Through the work done on the day the shelter REHOMED 22 DOGS!!!! Amazing work I think you’ll agree.

To watch a video of the protest and dog show click here.

The Linares shelter does amazing work for all the abandoned dogs in their area and especailly the galgos. Two of our sponsor dogs Luz and Bimba were saved by Linares, so we have a lot to thank them for.

To visit the Linares website click here.


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