3 Jan

Once again in Sevilla a poor starving Galgo has been found. He’s a beautiful animal with a stunning red coat with white markings. He was caught on boxing day and is now slowly recovering in an animal hospital. By good co-operation with various animal protection women: -) he could be brought safely from the streets to the hospital. It will have to remain some days in a veterinary centre and then if it all the blood tests are good and once he has somewhat recovered, he will be taken by a driving chain from Sevilla to PRO GALGO IN Barcelona.

Because a group of animal-loving friends pulled together to save this poor boy, we have called him AMIGO.

A huge thankyou to everyone that helped to save AMIGO and those in the near future who will help get him to PRO-GALGO in Barcelona.

Once he has recovered some weight in his PRO-GALGO foster home he will be ready for rehoming in Europe or the UK.

Please contact if you are interested in adopting AMIGO or any of our other dogs shown on the “sponsorship” page.

To donate money to help care for dogs like AMIGO please paypal your donation to or see the “how to help” page.


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