9 Jan
The messages appealing for help for galgos are piling up, the shelters are filling and dead Galgos litter the roadsides; cruel indications for the approaching end of yet another unchecked hunting season.
Thus calls for help have also come from Gerena, a small town in the south of Spain.
The animal protection organizations El Refugio Escuela and ASANDA were informed by citizens that there is a Galgo in a very bad state there, with a very fine rope around its neck where its ruthless and barbaric owner had tried to hang him. They finally found and caught the dog.
The heavy injuries suggest that the Galgo must have been hanging for 4 to 5 hours on the tree before it fortunately freed itself. The rope cut itself 2 centimeters into its neck and the necrotic tissues that have developed from infection suggest that the animal has been wandering for approx.. 12 days with the dangerous wound by the roadside.
As if this wasnt bad enough for the poor soul, also its ears were mutilated and its microchip was removed with a knife of some kind from the neck.
This is not the only case of hanging Galgos in Gerena. Each year the new dogs become the “useless” and they are hanged, this is the third case in the last month in this place.
When finally will something be done about these continuing atrocites?
From http://www.sos (thankyou Martina)


  1. Kirsty Ward January 9, 2008 at 5:21 pm #

    This makes me so sad that this poor dog is just one of hundreds that will face the same torture. When will the Spanish Goverment help these poor dogs and punish the people responsible for these atrocities???

    At least the dog has one thing he/she has never had and that is hope. Hope for a happier future with a family that will love and cherish them til the end of their day.

    Get well soon sweetheart x

  2. Laurie Harkness January 10, 2008 at 10:12 pm #

    What is the matter with the Spanish Government? Can it not
    see what is happening. The pain and suffering of these dogs
    is unbearable and an atrocity. Perhaps they will only act if
    enough of us boycott Spanish goods and holidays.

    Thank God this animal is safe and hopefully will make a
    recovery from its terrible injuries.

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