24 Feb

Dear Mo,

I have edited the statement for use on websites etc., as I made some corrections and made things read better, please feel free to use this version below if you need my support, I am very happy to give it 🙂

Love from Maria xx

find the petition here;

It is incredibly important that the Spanish authorities take the galgos and all breeds of hunting dog, under their wing of protection immediately. The nature of these special dogs is loyal, loving, calm and sensitive. The nature of the cruelty levelled against them, when they are no longer needed, is nothing less than horrific. The ways in which owners of abandoned hunting dogs dispose of them, is beyond the imagination of most people. Thousands of dogs are hung by the neck, slow strangulation, or left to die of starvation by being cast onto the streets and in secluded areas where they cannot find shelter. It is apparent to the general public from all over Europe that there is a widespread problem with discarding of unwanted galgos, it is also very distressing to learn of many new cases of cruelty each week.

In my job as a singer/songwriter and animal advocate I am often asked to give my support towards animal welfare concerns, I have to say I am most concerned regarding the treatment of these dogs. I give my full support to the rescue organisations who are doing their best to pick up the pieces of such animals, sometimes they are too late but often they can save a dog close to death, yet there are always more that they cannot reach.

The issue is much more prevalent than people realise and it is long overdue, for animal protection laws in Spain, to begin a process of addressing the root of the problem. People that own these dogs for sporting reasons breed more animals than they can cope with, they should be accountable to the law, and the law must rest on the side of the defenceless, for they cannot speak for themselves and cruelty to animals should not be tolerated in our society for any reason.

Please address this situation as a matter of urgency. I have lost count of the times that I wept when viewing the video evidence of extreme cruelty to abandoned and tortured galgos. I also believe that this form of abuse towards the voiceless damages the good reputation of Spain as a vibrant holiday destination and it takes away the desire to visit this beautiful country.

Please find it in your hearts to protect the innocent, it would mean a lot to so many people all over the world, please help to alleviate the tremendous suffering of precious galgos. I believe if we do not have compassion in our hearts for all animals, we cannot be considered truly humane or have respectful regard for our fellow man. What we pass on to our children is important, we must pass on a message of hope and care for all living creatures and we must teach our children to be kind to animals, for then they will also be kind to each other.

Maria Daines



  1. Cristina Seiça March 3, 2008 at 12:47 am #

    Maria Daines is a great lady. All the rullers, governors should be also great men, responsable and give the example of compassion and humanity . They have the power to do changes and should be strong to not attend economic interests. Cruelty towards animals is everywhere. It is not this world the majority want.

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