21 May

We have taken in a beautiful galgo that was found with his leg caught in an iron hunting trap.

HIERRO (meaning iron) was picked up by PENNY from the Asociación AAA SOL (Ayuda a Animales Abandonados SOL… Guadalajara, España)

The vet dealing with HIERRO has offered to give us a big discount for the operation, providing that we find a foster home for the dog in its period of recovery. He says that we don’t have to pay all the money at once, and he has been very generous. We have until tomorrow morning to decide what to do, but it looks as though he will be saved, whatever happens.

Here the x-ray of his broken leg:

The vet estimates that it will cost around 600 Euros / £500 which we simply don’t have. We desperately need donations to help pay for the cost of his surgery and recovery.

If you would like to donate please paypal to

Or send a cheque made out to PRO-GALGO to:

PRO-GALGO, 108 Sherbourne Ave, Bradley Stoke, Bristol, BS32 8DR.



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