galga puppy rescued from the bottom of a 5 meter well!

6 Sep
This galgo puppy (of about 4months old) was found at the bottom of a
5meter well.
She was rescued by firefighters when a woman in the neighborhood was
walking her dogs and heard distant barking. She couldn't see her but she followed her whining 
which lead her to a small hole in the ground.
The pup probably had been there all day. The well she was in was deep and
narrow and posed difficulty for the firefighters to get her out. Finally around midnight, she
was free from the pit and only with a few scratches.
She's very sweet, healthy (aside from her scare in the well and a low level ehrliquia) and looking for a nice family to adopt her.
she is negative in leismaniosis and fillariosis although she is under treatment for erlichiosis.
Yesterday she visited the firefighters station of Illescas( Toledo) to thank firefighters involved in her rescued. if you are interested in adopting her please contact with


One Response to “galga puppy rescued from the bottom of a 5 meter well!”

  1. Lisa September 12, 2008 at 9:44 pm #

    does she have a home yet – she is beautiful. where is this gaga living at the moment…?

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