Galgo burned alive in Albacete!!!!

26 Sep

NEWS ABOUT THIS CASE: The dog has not been mistreated, it has been victim of a fire coused by a molotov cocktail thrown against the house of the dog’s owner. Several more galgos got hurt in this brutal attack, some of the could be saved by the owners, some run in panic away. One of them was this poor galga, The police confirmes the story.

As the atrocities to hounds in Spain continues with little sight of an end, another terrible story comes to light. This is news from, an online-news-page from our dear f riend Martina, abou for and about galgos.

A galgo was found to have petrol poured over it and burned alive!!!!! It sustained terrible burns to the head and feet and some of the body. The volunteers who found the poor hound called a vet who imediatley had the dog put to sleep. It was the kindest thing to do to end its terrible suffering.

Plesae take a look at their website for the full story but please be aware that the pictures of the dog are very upsetting. We have included one of the less shocking images here.


One Response to “Galgo burned alive in Albacete!!!!”

  1. fanatic September 3, 2011 at 7:36 pm #

    que hijos de puta…como pueden maltratar asi a un animal

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