Huge raid on stolen galgos

5 Nov

n Mondya (3rd November) the Police and Guardia Civil began making huge raids on organisations dealing in stolen galgos, each animal fetching 30,000 Euros on the black market.

Bass Galgo makes this report: Two networks that traffic in stolen hunting dogs in half Spain were charging up to 30,000 euros for the best copies and sacrificed the least fit. Up to 30,000 euros for a good hunting dog. This amount has been reached to pay in the market for smuggling of animals to which the Guardia Civil (Spanish police) has taken a heavy blow.

Has arrested 40 people linked to two organizations dedicated to the theft and sale of dogs and other animals. Two operations known as’ Harry ‘and’ Clavijo ‘, developed in 19 provinces and still open, have recovered more than 200 dogs and intervene several arms and very diverse. They have exposed a business as lucrative as macabre. While the best stolen copies were sold at a price of gold to hunters and gamblers, the least fit were unceremoniously slaughtered or used to train other dogs to fight.

The most valuable specimens were obtained through theft, gambling and illegal sales. The organization had the complicity of several veterinarians introducing chips on dogs from other legal dogs thet have the documentation in order. Some dogs who were dedicated either to the competition, either for sale on the black market.

The alarms came in Cuenca, Zamora and Segovia. There were systematic theft of hunting dogs, some as striking as that of a dozen champions stolen in Cantimpalos (Segovia), each valued at 18,000 euros. It was found that while in some cases the animals were abandoned or killed, others ate a very lucrative trafficking issued by the two Castillas, Extremadura, Andalusia, Aragon, Madrid and Murcia.”

To read the full article please use :

guardia civil harry 4.jpg
guardia civil harry.jpg
guardia civil harry 2.jpgguardia civil harry 3.jpg

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