19 Nov

Hello to all

Today after having spoken with several people of the galgo world to verify the information flowing through the network, the president of the Spanish club of galgos has confirmed to me that several dogs have not yet been returned and that there are enough dogs that have not yet an owner

That is why we came up with the idea to propose that we will take the dogs who are “left over” to avoid to be returned to his previous life.

We invite you to sign the letter and also we implore you to return the letter with your signature and if you can accommodate dogs, with the number of dogs that can be accommodate by you

Organization xxx
President Fernando X
City: Madrid
number of dogs: 4 galgos

You can sign as a private person, as a non profit organization, as a company, every signature counts!!

Send the signature to:

(letter below!!!!)

Please sign fast so we will be able to sent the letter Wednesday night or Thursday morning to the Federation of hunting dog, with a copy to the Seprona and the police that intervened in the operations HARRY and CLAVIJO

Thank you very much for your cooperation and we expect a large participation to be able to show that we are united.

Greetings to all

Mo Swatek
PRO-GALGO International

Estimado Srs,. D. CARLOS SANZ CALVO, presidente Federación Española de Galgos
D. SEBASTIAN CALLEJON CABRERA, vicepresidente Federación Española de Galgos

D. LUÍS. A BRAVO SANCHEZ CIFUENTES, presidente Club Nacional del Galgo Español
D. BARTOLOMÉ RAMÍREZ CASTRO, vicepresidente Club Nacional del Galgo Español

As a galgo protecting we’d like to congratulate you first of all, for the reception of the nearly 100 dogs seized during the operations HARRY and CLAVIJO, and for the care they have received in your facilities.

We know that the vast majority of dogs will be returned to their lawful owners, but since there are many dogs whose chips have been removed, we assume that there will be a significant amount of dogs that do not have an owner.

Therefore we want to offer our assistance in the placement and adoption of these dogs among the different organisations that have signed this letter.
Joining forces and between all of us it will be possible to host a large quantity of seized dogs to avoid returning them to the vicious circle of many galgos: breed as much as possible with them, try them for hunting and discard them if not suitable for hunting or races.
We believe that these animals have already gone through an ordeal and they should not return to a life of sacrifice (greyhound breeding, hunting or career). We can offer a life in a home with a family with the best care so they can retire with dignity.
ALL concerning the dogs seized, both those that have been returned to its previous owners as “gifts” or handed over to protective, we hope that all of them will be registered with the microchip, the name of the person who comes to collect the animal in order to avoid further shady with animals and if “useless” to his master end up in a bad way.

We also believe it’ s appropriate to ask galgueros hosting the dogs, to show that they have  been legalized and that the facilities have been inspected recently and have their respective paper work in order. (nucleus zoo, registration of animals etc.). We understand that galgueros boast of good care they give their dogs and therefore it should not cause any effort to present these papers at the time they pick up the dogs and your  association should be required to monitor where these animals end up.
As you know, in many Spanish shelters we have also suffered thefts of dogs, many of them adopted abroad awaiting transport to these countries. We as animal protecting organizations and numerous non-profit organizations have also been victims of assaults to the shelters.

For great lovers of animals as we are, such thefts have been beaten very strong and we hope that in the future there will be no more thefts of this nature to regret.

We ask for the galgos a more humane world, a more honest and respectful life for the animals.




  1. Galgos January 20, 2009 at 9:29 pm #

    Great idea. I hope those galgos don’t return to their previous life. It’s a shame that galgos are treated just like things that may have some value when useful but can be disposable when they are not useful anymore. I hope these situation changes soon. Best regards.

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