14 Jan

update: 18-1-2009

We have received some important donations (1000USD came from GRIN – and with the help of all of you, we will be able to rescue ALL the galgos and finance their vet care!!!
Next tuesday we will rent a van and go to the killingstation in Jerez and take out ALL those hounds and we will distribute them in fosterfamilies until homed.
Thanks to all your  donations we will be able to finance the recue, the vetcare and the complete rehoming of most of the dogs.
We will stay for 1 day in the Gesser Killingstation and will make pictures of all the other dogs that are there, so we might be able to finde homes for those too.

Please come to visit our blog, I’ll up-date it daily with the news!!


update: 16-1-2009

PRO-GALGO has sent 30 vaccines to Jerez, the vet will vaccinate the dogs today after a litte health check of each dog.

There are 18 foster offers for the dogs at the moment, 7 still need a place but we are postive to be able to find a solution. The frist dogs will be travelling to their foster families next monday and tuesday. And then we can start with the  vetcare of each dog in each place. The rescue of ths galgos is a huge collaboration project of different shelters and rescue groups, such as : Protectora Villena, Galgos112, Galgos del Norte, PRO-GALGO etc
tonight the first pictures of each dog separatly…

the following galgos have only few  days left before they are put down if we do not pull them out of the killingstation by the end of next week. I we dont take them, either they will be killed or some others will be pts to make room for the new ones to come (end of the hunting season!!!!

PRO-GALGO is in touch with volunteers in the Jerez Gesser dogpound and we are expecting today the first information about their health state etc. but we urgetly need funds to pay for the following expenses:

  • 25 multiple vaccines (rabies and micro chip is financed by the local city council)
  • transport to the foster families and shelters in Spain (in spain we have something like DHL but for dogs, that costs around 50eur per dog, countrywide
  • 20 warm coats (we have a the coldes winter in years in spain and the animals in the shelters suffer terribly with temperatures down to -10º celcius in certain areas)
  • Antibiotics for the dogs who already got faringitis and other problems from the cold  (distemper risk is very high with low defenses after such infections)
  • Leishamnia and Ehrlichia tests

an aproximate minimum expense pero dog is around 80-100eur incl local transport etc. Every cent counts!!

PLEASE HELP US TO HELP THEM!!! for donations by paypal please  use: or contact our english PRO-GALGO team on

or telephone Elkie Lonnkvist-Hopkins on: (oo 44) (0)7931 348 498


Mo Swatek


2 Responses to “NEWS: THE 25 GALGOS SAVED FROM PTS!”

  1. Laurie Harkness January 18, 2009 at 5:32 pm #

    Mo I am so happy that thanks to GRIN and other people you will now be able to save all these beautiful dogs. Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Caroline January 18, 2009 at 6:04 pm #

    This is such great news, some really beautiful dogs there…..

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