MIMOSA: caught and safe at last :)

6 Jan

We would like to introduce MIMOSA a Podenco Galga mix.

Volunteers had been trying to catch Mimosa for nearly 9 months and every trick they tried failed.  She was already sighted more than one year ago with an in-grown collar in a neighboring village. Maria José, an animal friend, told us in February that for months she had unsuccessfully tried to lure her into her garage.

We went to the village and tried to catch her with a trap but even with the tastiest treats inside we could not lure her in. Maria Jose meanwhile fed Mimosa every day and put the food nearer to the house, however Mimosa did not let herself be outwitted to come into the yard or the garage. The in-grown collar made us determined to catch her and together with Fundacion Faada the “Agents Rurals “, advised whether they can help us catch her.

They came with a net, and managed to catch her but she was too fast and managed to escape again 😦 She then took refuge at the last moment in the forest and we could not find her again.

Despite the many catching attempts she came each day to the house for food and ate twice a day there. Maria Jose could already call her and she would come to her, but always with a large safety margin and there was no chance for her to grab Mimosa. We tried to use our dog KIWI to catch her but still no luck.

And then finally, on 20 December, in freezing cold weather of -7ºC Mimosa went and hid outside Maria Jose’s house for protection from the cold. Her husband Felix saw Mimosa totally trapped between some large boxes and at night put a box over her and then called his wife: I HAVE COUGHT HER!!!!! Quickly they pushed the box the few meters to the house and into the garage.

There the trembling animal stood however, surprisingly neither aggressively as expected nor extremely nervous. It seemed as if it felt relieved to be caught. She could even be touched and took a few treats from Maria Jose.She called us at midnight to give us the good news.

Here are the first pictures of MIMOSA in the car, she enjoyed the short trip and soon relaxed. She has been with us less than one week and already comes joyfully wagging her tail to me. Next week, as soon as we have the results of her tests, she will be neutered, however owing to good feeding by Maria Jose she is according to our Vet in perfect condition. FOR US MIMOSA IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CHRISTMAS PRESENT!
A few days later, the animal-protection police “agents rurals” came to visit her. Everyone was so pleased that she had been caught at last and even the “animal-protection police” had tears in their eyes when they met us. They were amazed of the fast progress the little dog had made and to see her with a wagging tail they had not expected 🙂
We would like to thank Eva from http://www.faada.org ; the Agents Rurals, Hilda and Alfonso and particularly Maria Jose and her man Felix thank you. Without the help of all these people MIMOSA would still sit in the icy rain. And here the first pictures of MIMOSA (MIMI for their friends: -)) 6 days after we caught her.
MIMOSA is still not yet 2 years old, hopefully negative in all tests, and will soon also be neutered. This small beauty, which can also live with cats problem-free, is available for adoption from the end of January. Contact: pro-galgo@total-barcelona.com for enquiries.

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