URGENT: galgo ARCO caught in a hunters’ trap.

19 Jan

Mo received this mail earlier today:

“This galgo was found yesterday, after a telephone call about him. Possibly he has caught his leg in a trap, in addition he is full of bullets that in the x-ray show up perfectly. He has not broken the bone but all the ligaments and muscles are damaged. The wound is horrible, and if in about eight days there is no improvement, the veterinarian has said that the only option is to amputate the leg. It is necessary to clean the wound thoroughly every day, in the morning and in the evening. This may in the end save the leg. They told me that he lets the vets and nurses treat his leg with no problems and that he is very affectionate. Right now, he is living at the clinic, but is very complicated beacuse of having to twice a day clean and maintain the wound in good a condition. What he needs right now is a home to see if he can recover and not lose the leg. We look for an urgent foster home for this young wounded galgo, somebody that can take care of the wound and in case of amputation, take care of him after the operation.”

We urgently need donations to pay for the care and surgery and potential amputation of poor Arcos’ leg. Please donate to help Arco:
by paypal to pro-galgo@total-barcelona.com
or by cheque made payable to PRO-GALGO to The Elms, South Rd, Woodhouse Down, Almondsbury, Bristol, BS32 4HU

For donations by bank transfer in the UK:
sort code 20-13-34 account number 23598551 ,
account in the name of  PRO-GALGO UK

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