10 Jun

Our dear friend Sandra Baas did it again! She managed to get famous singers and other artist to pose on behalf of the plight of the galgos. Please help Sandra’s association BaasGalgo to help the hounds. For furter information pls read below.


Soraya, Fernando Tejero, Romay, Rosa Montero, Alaska, Vaquerizo and Carlos Mario Rodriguez are all part of the image of the “Together for GALGOS” campaign. A campaign to promote awareness against cruelty, neglect and abandon of Galgos

Madrid, May 12, 2010 – The “Together for GALGOS” campaign is an initiative of the Baas Galgo Association  (www.baasgalgo.com) a solidarity organisation that has been fighting for many years in favour of animal rights and welfare. The campaign’s principal objective is to expose the tragic reality of Galgo abuse in Spain. “Together for GALGOS” wants to communicate a message to the public encouraging them to stand together to combat the Galgo problem and to ask for support from individuals, the private and the public sectors and other organisations to help the Galgos. To this end, the campaign will be given maximum exposure in the media, and be posted in strategic locations so as to attract everyone’s attention.

The campaign images show celebrities and members of the general public united by a common goal. The solidarity theme of “Together for GALGOS” has brought together professionals coming from very different fields: singers, actors, media presenters, veterinarians and students. In this way the campaign hopes to show that the solution is possible and in the hands of all and that to reach it requires a joint effort. The campaign visuals include a bank account number for donations and an internet address for online donations: http://www.baasgalgo.com.

The initiative has been supported by Scalibor (www.scalibor.es) who are strongly committed to animal health and welfare. The campaign is equally grateful for the expert collaboration of Atlantis Target (www.atlantistarget.com) for all photographic aspects, and the Bigfoot Veterinary Communication advertising agency (www.bigfootcomunicacion.com).

It is estimated that every year in Spain thousands of Galgos are the victims of great cruelty and abuse. In many cases, the dogs that are no longer considered useful by hunters are abandoned or cruelly slaughtered. Although no official data exists, the Galgo animal defence associations believe that approximately 40,000 Galgos are ‘destroyed’ every year.  Ignorance, fear of reprisals when denouncing dog-owners and the lack of clear and enforceable legislation to protect animal rights and welfare, greatly contribute to the problem.

According to the Affinity Foundation, 118,000 dogs were abandoned in our country during 2008. Spain continues
to be by far the worst country in Europe in terms of animal neglect. A very small number of dogs that are mistreated and abandoned in Spain are thankfully adopted from other EU countries such as Holland, Belgium, Germany France, Italy and Switzerland. The Baas Galgo Association has been working for many years to save the Galgos and change public perception of them and has managed to facilitate many adoptions of Spanish Galgos in other European countries.

About Baas Galgo.

The Baas Galgo Association is a volunteer group which was created ten years ago to defend and promote animal rights and animal welfare, above all for Galgos. This association is known for their keen initiative and innovative ideas in favour of animal causes. In 2009 they released their first solidarity calendar for the Galgos with the collaboration of
such renowned celebrities as the Baroness Thyssen, the singer Amaya Montero or the actor Gabino Diego, to name but a few. The Baas Galgo Association aims to renew the calendar in 2010 with the support of more than 20 famous faces. As in 2009 all proceeds will go to help the Galgos, aid for the refuges, animal healthcare for mistreated and abandoned Galgos, and supporting other associations and animal shelters. The association runs an animal refuge in the province of Cordoba, where more than 60 abandoned dogs hope each day that some kind, serious and loving people will come and adopt them. The Baas Galgo Association also promotes a great number of social awareness actions for animal rights and animal welfare.


IBAN: ES68 2094 0077 91 0077074600

paypal: prensa@baasgalgo.com

Baas Galgo Association.
PO, 87.
Alpedrete 28 430, Madrid.

For more information please contact:
Sandra Baas.
Tel 91 857 90 62 / 661 99 24 56

Eva Gutierrez.
Tel 609 84 50 79

Or the communication agency:
Santiago Mingo.
Veterinary Communication Bigfoot.
@ bigfootcomunicacion.com santiago.mingo
Tel 91 304 67 47 / 646 21 50 48


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