17 Jun

we have already 720,87 EUR

EUR and more needed for the transport and the vaccinations/tests of the dogs! A special thank you to Beryl from www.galgonews.con who donated 150Eur for the hounds.

35USD form Valeri W
40Eur from Indrajana M
from Jessica W
10Eur Gail D
Valerie H
10GBP Glynis T
25Eur Jon D.
and many more!!!

hello from spain

PRO-GALGO will go for the 28 galgos in Jerez killingstation named GESSER but we
need the money to pay the trip and the first vet care
we have found already 13 foster families or refuges in Spain (as they are not
ready to travel yet abroad) to help with the galgos but still 15 need to be taken in until ready for adoption
we can go to pick them up in jerez next week but we need about 800eur for the
transport and another 900eur for the tests and vaccines (34 eur test per dogs,
8eur for the 7x vaccines)
and of course we need help for the general vet care later on, but first we need the money to transport, test and vaccinate them so they are not a danger for the refuges and fosters who take them in.

pix will be comingo tonight.

for donations pleas paypal to :  pro-galgo@total-barcelona.com or to our uk charity account:
For donations by bank transfer in the UK:
sort code 20-13-34 account number 23598551 ,
account on the name of PRO-GALGO UK

no check donations possible as we have no time and need the money very fast.


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