30 Jun
WANDA; la galguita yaya

WANDA; a probably over 10 year old breeding bitch, a lovely kind animal. she was the first one we loaded

In a very fast trip of less than 36 h we went for the first load of the jerez galgos in danger to be pts.  We brought 11 galgos (3 females and 8 males) plus the 2 minpins you see in our drivers arms. the mother had been abused as breeding bitch and when not productive anymore given away, the baby could not be sold as in spain people want very very young puppies and once over 4 month old, they are nearly impossible to sell. I had no take them because we were afraid that somebody adopts only the pup letting the old mum alone.

FRAN con las dos pinchers
Our driver FRAN and the 2 minpins!
Unfortunatly most of the refuges who offered to take galgos in, have chickened out in the very last minute so 6 hounds plus the minpins stayed with us, 6 went to a friends shelter. As they were mostly male dogs (other rescue groups had saved ONLY all the females and left a very shy female and a very sick old one to die in the killingstation). this kind of selective animal protection is obviously normal here in spain due to the international rescue groups that prefere female galgos.
TINO, el galgo mas loco de la tropa
TINO, the crazy boy of the group

Thanks to Susi and her husband Alejandro for offering us b&b in their house, thanks to Maribel for organising all the paperwork beforehand, thanks to all the donors who made this trip possible and a very special thank you to Beryl from and  also to Jackie for her very generous donation.

CADIZ (isq) y JEREZ, dos machos preciososCADIZ (isq) y JEREZ, dos machos preciosos

LINUX, un macho altisimo y super cariñoso
LINUX, a super tall male galgo, kind and loving dog
RON, el jefe de la manada
RON, the boss of the group!
GINKO, a lovely brindle boy

GINKO, a lovely brindle boy

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  1. Beryl Brennan July 1, 2010 at 5:42 am #

    Fantastic to see these beautiful galgos outside and away from Death Row. Bloody hunters – wasting such graceful elegant dogs. You and your team are their Angels – fingers crossed they will soon find forever homes and learn there is life with decent animal loving people.

  2. jill deeley July 1, 2010 at 8:05 pm #

    well done mo for getting these hounds out i just do not understand how people can treat such gorgoeus animals so terribly. people are always asking about flecha when we explain about the situation in spain i don`t think some people beileve me they say “oh we go spain every year don`t see mistreated dogs” i would love to be able to help in spain but until then will continue to spread word send money and of course help should you need any transport to england

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