31 Jul

6 of the Jerez hounds plus the 2 pinchers have been savele rehomed.
little CAMY with the broken and fixed leg becomes more and more crazy and playfull everyday and has lost her shyness completely. her leg has been reoperated, the screw taken out and she starts walking on the injured leg.

Here in the clinic with DANNY our vet and our leishmania galga CATY (now called MELI)

her favourite game is teasing our irish woflhound NILO by biting the tip of his tale (poor dog) and the easiest to handle she is when asleep, lol (video of CAMY in action follows)

Here you see my dear brazilian friend MARCELO with the galgos SANCHO and white ORION in zurich, switzerland.

Little yorkie MAXI has also found a wonderfull home and 6 other small mongres have been with the galgos on our transport. All well rehomed in germany.

3000km in 40h, a long but very succssfull trip


One Response to “NEWS FROM SPAIN”

  1. David Rosner October 25, 2010 at 7:27 am #


    I found this site surfing around, searching for information aboru Podencos and Galgos in general. When I saw the picture of white Orion, I couldn’t believe how similar she looks to our white Dita! Is there any way in getting in touch with Marcelo?

    Kind regards to all

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