30 Mar

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the first donations arrived!!!

100 Eur from Pedro and Flaco
200 UDS from Greyhound Companions of New Mexico/Judy Paulsen

30 Eur from
200 USD from the Totten family, USA
350 Eur GREY2K USA of Somerville, Massachusetts, USA
50 Eur from Eric Jackson
1000 Eur from a lady in the UK
250 GBD from Sighthound Welfrare Trust UK
35 Eur from Nancy Weller
80 Eur from different donors

still more help needed to build the fence and if possible 1-2 quarantaine kennels!! we need about 3500eur to be on the save side

 For our project; JOIGOS (our new association dedicated to the preparation of dogs for therapy purposes and therapy for panic hounds)  as well as for the hounds of PRO-GALGO, we found the perfect place to rent.. It’s a plot of  2.5hect (ca 5acres) of fenced land but unfortunatly far to big to let the dogs always run free without supervision. So we need to build a  secure inner fence to have the about 20 dogs in our care under better control. The above picture shows 3 different views of the place we could rent.  Its in the area between the mediterranean city of Tarragona and Reus, about 5miles from the beach and less than 5 minutes from Reus Airport, just 25minuts from our veterinary specialized in galgos and with no neighbours 😉 The plot contains a well kept house with central heating (very important for the cold winters and the shivering galgos),  has a save pool to do water therapy on dogs recovering after sever trauma surgery and it has 4 beedrooms, some of the available for volunteers or people coming for holidays to PRO-GALGO. It’s a wonderfull place to do lots of activites for and with the hounds such as galgo adoption meetings, guided walks with children and hounds, therapies for children with down syndrom or autism etc. For the fences we plan to use prefabricated fence element, (see picture above) well linked to each other and then savely burried into the ground to avoid dogs digging out. here you can see the estimated price for the elements and the transport to the plot. Presupuesto-1-000527-1. We need a total of about 3500 eur to be on the save side.Unfortunatly these expenses including the men work is far above our possibilities and we urgently need donations to be able to finance the fencing of the premises. For once its not helping one single dog, its making life more save and more fun for many dogs. PLEASE DONATE by to orby banktransfer to: PRO-GALGO UK sort code 20-13-34 account number 23598551 , BARCLAYS BANKFor donation by check pls contact us on DONATE BY PAYPAL, click here! FOR EVERY 200EUR DONATION YOU MAKE WE OFFER 1 WEEK FREE ACCOMODATION FOR 2 PERSON AT OUR  NEW PLACE. MAKE HOLIDAYS WITH GALGOS AND HELP THE HOUNDS. PEOPLE WITH GALGOS ARE WELCOME!

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