adopted in spain: “SHEBA”, PODENCA

7 Oct

An english lady “was adopted” by a podenca. she followed her home. we would like to help the dog but are already overbooked, so we need urgently a fosterfamily for SHEBA in spain and then adoptants all over the world 😉
this is what ROBIN tells us about her podenca SHEBA:

Thanks for getting back to me Mo, your offer of help is much appreciated. I will measure and weigh Sheba tomorrow and send those details on to you. I can’t tell you if she has been chipped or neutered but can’t find any scars on her abdomen or ears to indicate that she has. The only thing I can tell you about her temperament is that she was extremely timid when she started following me – I think it was hunger that forced her on. I offered her some food but she wouldn’t take it from my hand. Now however, she is a dog transformed. She runs behind me when I go out on my bicycle down the caminos and will obey the command ‘sit’ when I offer her a titbit. Whenever we have encountered another dog, or a cat, on our runs, she almost ignores them completely, preferring to stay close to me. I have a neighbour one side of me with 4 dogs and one dog at my other neighbour and whenever any of them are barking, which is quite frequently, Sheba doesn’t make a sound. I have heard her whimper a couple of times when the back door is shut and she wants to go out to do her business, so she is obviously house trained. Someone in the village suggested I make enquiries at the ayutamiento to see if anyone has reported her lost, but as she had no collar and was very nervous I feel sure she was abandoned.She shows some affection towards me and plays rag-pull with me and will chase and jump on the rag when thrown for her. She is showing a big increase in confidence and response and eats vigorously. I have found only a very few fleas on her which I have hopefully eradicated with powder. Her health is improving daily and she is beginning to show a happy disposition.

I do hope that a good home can be found for her because, as you can see from the photos I sent you, she is an attractive dog.

Oh, nearly forgot to tell you where I live. I am about 30 kms from Gandia out towards Xativa and can get to Oliva, Pego, Denia and Javea quite easily, in case you know of any dog rescue centres in those areas.

Best wishes,



2 Responses to “adopted in spain: “SHEBA”, PODENCA”

  1. Penelope Guest October 11, 2011 at 12:39 pm #

    I’m posting this in the hope of finding a new forever home for Sheba. Please pass on. Thanks.

  2. Christa Litjens, Netherlands October 31, 2011 at 11:54 am #

    Is there more news about Sheba, how tall, weight etc?? Is she already adopted??

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