27 Nov

a cry for help went through facebook “who can save this poor galga?”, PRO-GALGO offered immediatly  help and financial support but the little black girl called AZABECHE died a few hours after arriving in the vetclinic because we could not move her in time to Fatima’s vethospital in Seville. she had a severe neumonia and also parvovirosis.
everybody asked: “and what about her 4 doggy friends???” so we  decided together with our french friend CLAUDIE (“matias el galgo peludo” in facebook) to save the 4 and make sure they will not suffer the same as their little black friend.

our friends and volunteers GLORIA and SALUD travelled over 130km to a small village called el Saucejo to pick the 4 up and bring them to our wonderfull veterinary  in Seville

here you may see them already in the clinick of FATIMA, our friend and supporter.
she checked all 4 of them to make sure they do not incubate the same disease as her little dead friend. But thank good, all are fine except a little high temperature of the bodeguera but it could have been caused by the stress. so all 4 have been microchipped and 3 of them vaccinated with rabies.

and after a long day they all relax in the the bording kennels until they can travel to barcelona.

the 4 will be presented for adoption in a few weeks but until then we need your help to finance the bording kennel and vecare.
our french friend Claudie (facebook “matias el galgo peludo”) created an  event for the doggies and has managed to raise over 400€ but that covers only the vets fees in seville for vaccines and chipping and passports plus the transport to barcelona. we urgently need help to pay the bording kennels for the 4 of them and the vetcare incl mediterran diseases tests, spaying , other vaccines, deworming etc

please make a donation on behalf of our 4 doggies and help us to help them

For donations by bank transfer in the UK:
sort code 20-13-34 account number 23598551 ,
account on the name of  PRO-GALGO UK

If you live in the UK you can send a CHECK issued to PRO-GALGO UK
and sent to: 

67 harrison way
lydney, glos
gl15 5bg

for international transfers:
accountholder Gloria Lara (she is the lady who advanced the money for the vetcare and went to fetch them!)
Iban: ES90 2106 0316 74 2237728031
Bic: CECA ES MM 106
zahlungsgrund: 4 perros

oder via paypal an: Gloria Lara Neyra <glorialaraneyra@hotmail.com>

contact for further infos: pro-galgo@total-barcelona.com



  1. jenny November 27, 2012 at 4:59 pm #

    thankyou mo for this rescue and gloria aww the poor black galga bless her little heart so upsetting i will put a donation through to you next mon

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