30 Jan

this is a list of spanish animal rescues, shelters and associations. its far from being complete as there are over 2500 animal welfare charities registered all over Spain. over 95% are spanish associations with only local spanish members. thanks to these spanish animal lovers things change in Spain. they have reported mistreatment, taken to court hundreds of cases, have managed to change laws and the acceptance of the animales in general in the spanish society. spanish charities do more than rescueing, they file complaints to local governments, fight daily for animal rights, organize protest marches and castration campagains as well as school visits or speaches in universities.
its wonderfull to have foreign help but just exporting animales without working on the roots of the problem is just saving THE animal in cuestión but not changing anything for the ones left behind nor making life better for all the animales in the future.
and its absolutly unfair to say, that changes in spain happend thanks to foreign rescues and ex pats helping animals because the changes have been achieved thanks to thousands of spanish animalist fighting for a better future of all animals and the results from the elections of DEC 20th show that the spanish society wants to change towards more humane treatment of animales, against bullfights, circus without animals etc.

Listado completo de protectoras de animales en España

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