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Raffle for our Podenco transport to the UK

5 Apr

Our 4 lovely Podencos Lola, Flecha, Chanel and Goku arrive at our UK charity Bristol DAWG at the end of April/early May.

They have a long journey from the Canary Islands, to Spain, France and finally to the UK. The whole journey will cost us and PRO-GALGO around £900!!! 😮 To help raise money to get them here to where they can find lovely new homes why not take part in our raffle ;D

Tickets cost just £1 and you can buy as many as you like 😀

Tickets are on sale NOW and will be drawn on SATURDAY 24TH APRIL


A fabulous BRAND NEW “Tuffies” dog bed worth £83 !!!

This is a chocolate brown large woven dog bed (140 x 92 cm). This fantastic bed is waterproof and virtually indestructable!!


Find out more about these beds on the Tuffies website:


For the runner up we have been very kindly donated a $25 gift certificate to be used on any purchase from the Greyt Art website

Greyt Art sell all kinds of greyhound inspired art and clothing. Great for any greyhound lover or as a present for someone.

For details of how to get your tickets thorugh the Bristol DAWG forum click on the link below

you can paypal Bristol DAWG direct to

or send cheques to their secretary (payable to Bristol DAWG)

The Old Exchange, Berwick Lane, Hallen, Bristol, BS10 7RS

Please state that it is for the raffle and include your address or email for us to notify you of your ticket numbers.

We have NANDO :) thanks to FACEBOOK!

11 Feb

Great news, we have to NANDO! I arrived yesterday in Murcia and already he is in its foster home with our collaborator LORE: here are some pictures of him when arriving and with LAURA. They directly took it to the vets. He is in good health, and we have already removed blood to him for disease tests and we will vaccinate him when we have the results.

THANKS TO BAASGALGO FOR THEIR SUPPORT AGAIN .They say that he is super smart, sociable and calm. Who will adopt our new baby?

What a relief to see him away from that road and looking a little less sad 🙂

SUSHA: galgo mix dumped in a potato sack!!

11 Feb

SUSHA’S owner threatened our good friend and galgo rescuer LAURA that if she did not take the dog away he would kill her!! This cruel man dragged Susha in a tightly tied sack to Lauras’ house and dumped her there without even checking that she was ok!

Susha is a completley sweet, social, friendly and dear, playful and funny pup and is ready for adoption 😉

Maura: young and playful

11 Feb

MAURA is a playful red coated galga, which always finds something naughty to occupy herself with 🙂

SHe needs a family with an energetic play mate, and kids would be no problem. She loves it to play and run, therefore a large garden is a must for MAURA. This sweet playful galga comes from the worst region in Spain for galgo cruelty, and was delivered to us by her hunter owner. She is healthy and ready to go at the end of February.

NANDO: another poor galgo found by the road!

11 Feb

Thus NANDO was photographed by someone in Sevilla. He sat lonely and sad at the roadside.

We made a call on FACEBOOK and Sandra of offered financial assistance for him,  however nobody has place for the poor dog. We have found someone to keep an eye on him until something can be arranged. As soon as we know more about him and his character, we will present NANDO here and he can be adopted from us. It just goes to show that the whole Internet networks can be good for something ; -)

NINET update: galga with terrible mange

11 Feb

This was poor Ninet in December:


Thanks to an animal friend, who fed Ninet and finally catched her and sent her to PRO-GALGO, now  lovely NINET will make a speedy recovery!

PODDACK: puppy podenco x dachshund!!!

11 Feb


This small merry, approx. 4 months old chap, with the appearance that one could only guess is the result of a love affair between a Podenco and Dachshund, was found straying by a road and rescued. The rescuer brought it into an animal hospital, where some kind people otook care of it. Now this mad, affectionate and very intelligent puppy is in search of a family in Europe. Form an orderly queue please 🙂