Tete and her volunteers, arriving at the shelter of, found the fence cut open and many dogs running free outside of the premises. On entering they found the storage room broken into with all the medication, bedding, iodine and even the dog food stolen.
Much worse however, was the disapearence of the 2 galgas that had arrived just 36hours earlier.

A lovely half black & white young female, practically a puppy who was playful and healthy; and another female galgo fell into the hands of the travelers who will sell them for breeding purposes to the ruthless galgueros (galgo hunters).

This is the 4th theft of galgos this year in Linares as nobody lives in the shelter and the dogs are, as in most poor shelters in Spain, unattended at night and therefore easy victims for the travelers.

The Linares volunteers hadn’t even had time to micro-chip and photograph the galgas before they were stolen.

It is now VITAL that all galgos that come into the shelter are micro-chipped and photographed imediately so that if they are stolen the and then found elsewhere the shelter will be in a good position to identify and recover the dogs.

Also if an abused or dead galgo is found with a micro-chip then the shelter will be able to make a formal report to the council and apply for prosecution.

It costs just £10 to micro-chip a galgo and give it all the advantages of being registered.

This makes it a unique and wonderful gift for a loved one.

If you would like to participate in our “chip appeal” and pay for a galgo to be micro-chipped, please see paymeny details below:

Payment can be made by paypal to

Or send a cheque payable to PRO-GALGO to:

PRO-GALGO, 108 Sherbourne Ave, Bradley Stoke, Bristol, BS32 8DR

One Response to “CHIP APPEAL”

  1. Suzie Scott June 4, 2010 at 6:06 pm #


    Trying to make a donation by Paypal towards micro-chipping after seeing the item about this on Galgonews but when I click on the link above it takes me to a University of Bristol page which has an error message denying access as says I have to be logged in before I can proceed. But when I click on the log-in link which takes me to another screen given the options in the drop-down boxes for log-in, you appear to have to be already registered to log-in via this screen, this doesn’t look like you can register on this screen. Can you please advise what we need to do to use the Paypal option and I’ll add it to the comments on Galgonews so everyone knows.

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