PRO-GALGO has several dogs available for sponsorship.

These dogs are either in foster care or are being housed in shelters until they are ready for rehoming. HOWEVER the dogs in pounds can only be saved from PTS if there are funds to continue caring for them. As you can imagine the pounds are run by volunteers who try to save as many dogs as they can BUT if the funds arent there then they cant save everyone.
It costs approximately 50 Euros per month to pay for the care of dogs in pounds to prevent their destruction, and to pay for their foster care in volunteers homes.

The salvation and rehoming of the desperate dogs in Spain completely depends on the kindness of the public to make donations. By sponsoring a PRO-GALGO dog you will be helping to save its life. You will receive a sponsorship card, and an update and photo via email about your sponsor dog until it has found its forever home either in the UK or in Europe.

To sponsor a PRO-GALGO dog for one month costs just £10. Why not sponsor one as a present for a loved one.
If you want to regularly sponsor the same dog you can pay £10 every month until it is rehomed, and then you will receive regular updates and photos of how he/she is progressing.

Many of the sponsor dogs are also available for rehoming in the UK. If you require more information please email pro-galgo@hotmail.com

To sponsor one of the following dogs for one month please send a payment of £10.54 (54p to cover paypal costs) to

Please also notify pro-galgo@hotmail.com of your chosen dog so that your sponsor card can be sent to you.

An 11 year old Podenco male used at stud and for hunting and now in retirement in foster care. He is very thin and suffers from painful arthritis. Will be in permanent foster due to his age and poor health and therefore will be a permanent sponsor dog.


An 18 month old long haired Portuguese Podenco who will be in foster shortly. He has lived in a home but is now available for adoption into the UK after 6 months quarantine.


A roughly 4 year old galga found in Linares in May with her three 5 month old daughters, all GSD mixes. She will be available for UK adoption when her quarantine is finsihed.


A young, less than 2 years old, galga found suffering from an old leg injury, probably from a car accident. The leg hopefully wont need surgery and she is doing well in foster care. UPDATE MAY 2008: Lunita’s leg is not doing great and so she will be in foster care for a long time yet whilst we decide what can be done for her, it may need amputating. Please help her get through this difficult time.


Found in May with his leg caught in an iron trap. This boy needs surgery and a long recovery in foster care. He is suitable for quarantine and homing in the UK.


A red and white female of around 3 years old. She is quite shy at the moment but that should improve over the next few weeks as she comes to trust her carers. RESERVED 🙂


Another 3 year old female. She is a lovely black and white beauty and is in good condiiton and is very friendly with people and other dogs.


A huge friendly brindle boy. He is also around 3 years old, is in good condition and has a great character.

SO if you would like to help one of these gorgeous dogs find their forever homes by providing funding for their continued care please consider sponsoring one.

If you would like to rehome one in the UK please email me at the pro-galgo@hotmail.com

All these dogs, including those who are being quarantined for potential homes in the UK still need financial support to pay for their continued care during the long 6 month quarantine.

6 Responses to “SPONSORSHIP”

  1. Laurie Harkness January 7, 2008 at 6:15 pm #

    Amigo is going to be a total stunner when he is fed and well again.
    If I didn’t already have 11 hounds including Mini who is coming
    this summer to live with us, I would have adopted him. I hope
    this gorgeous dog who has suffered so much soon is well and gets
    a lovely forever home to call his own.

  2. Anna February 11, 2008 at 2:30 am #

    Is it possible to re home one in Australia?

  3. Beryl Brennan November 21, 2009 at 3:07 pm #

    Have posted a link to this appeal on Galgo News.

  4. uPeyton SLOAN May 18, 2010 at 2:37 pm #

    Just testing everything out!

  5. jen November 1, 2010 at 9:07 pm #

    hi did all these dogs get homed i hope so bless em all

  6. Marylou July 31, 2011 at 8:44 pm #

    is it possible to adopt in the US?

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