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20 May

This young female bizan hound (podenco) was found in a park in the spanish region of Murcia. One of her ears was brutally mutilated, the little dog was feverish and has an infected wound.
As usual, the poor dogs had been seen in the park for a few days but nobody had cared to inform the animal rescuers or the police.

The around 6 month old hound was called PRUDENCE, she is about 45cm tall, weighs around 12kg..
This little girl in foster care with PIEDY and we will all help to home poor little PRUDENCE whe she is recovered, speyed, vaccinated and ready for rehoming.

Please consider donating for PRUDENCE by www.paypal.com, our account for paypal and contact is pro-galgo@total-barcelona.com , and mention PRUDENCE as the reason for the payment. THANKS

Also don’t forget:

HELP THE HOUNDS IN SPAIN BY SIGNING THE PETITION ON https://progalgoenglish.wordpress.com/sign-petition/