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28 Jul

FANTASTIC NEWS!!! BLANA is now called MENTA and will be homed in UK with Ted Wolfenden!!!

MENTA will be at Mo’s place for the quarantaine time, she arries on Aug 25th!

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23 Apr

This is the story of BELLA.

She was found this week in a terrible condition. She has Leishmania, is terribly malnourished, has infected wounds, is covered in ticks and so has a tick disease, mange and anemia, and to top it all has been hit by a car causing the large wounds 😦

BELLA is around 6 years old and has obviously led a terrible life. Initially it was thought she should be put to sleep, but the carers thought that she was such a loving dog and has such a will to live that she should be given the chance to recover and live the life she deserves, if only for a short while.

BELLA is a sweet and calm girl and coexists without problems with dogs, cats and people. She is not scared, in spite of everything she is very glad to be saved, and is sympathetic and sociable.

We are looking for an URGENT foster home for BELLA so that she doesnt have to remain in the kennels whilst she recovers, and of course ultimately a permanent home for this beautiful girl.

We also desperately need donations to help pay for her veterinary treatment for all the health problems that she is facing.

Please paypal any donations to pro-galgo@total-barcelona.com

or see the “how to help” page if you want to send a cheque.


To see more pictures of BELLA click below. Please be aware they may be upsetting.

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1 Apr

Thanks to your kind and generous donations we were able to help all of the dogs in danger of euthanasia at the Cordoba city pound. Many have been homed already in France, thanks to PRO-GALGO and Barbara Lefranc from Le Bulletin des Levriers http://bulletinlevrier.blogspot.com/


A lovely brindle male who is currently staying with Mo due to a bad trachea infection which is making him quite ill.

TASS (seen here with Greta)

A lovely brindle galgo, very thin but a loving friendly dog.


A slightly rough-coated sweet galga. She has a huge fan, the Swiss movie director, KIRSTEN ALBERS who will come from Switzerland to meet GRETA in May. We are sure they will fall in love and will make a movie-like couple 🙂 GRETA is due to travel to Cheeseland in June and until then is in foster care of Mo near Barcelona.


Another young and very skinny brindle galgo.


A beautiful white galga who unfortunately has tested positive for Leishmanias. She is very happy and healthy though and can be homed in France, hopefully soon. FIVI will need long-term treatment for her condition and so will become a new PRO-GALGO sponsor dog to help pay for her treatment. See the “sponsor dogs” page for more information on how to sponsor FIVI.

FIVI seen here with ARIEL


A young fawn galga, very friendly and sweet.


A distinctive chocolate-brown and white galga, a little thin but very friendly. PUCCA will soon travel to the Tudela shelter where she will stay until she is adopted.

Thanks to your help we managed to save all of these dogs from being euthanised. Only with continued support from the public can we carry on caring for the dogs we already have, and take in more that are in danger. A big THANKYOU for your help.


3 Mar

Last week we had a very urgent call to help 14 Galgos in the Cordoba pound, ALL were due to be killed if they were not saved within 10 days.

We thankfully have managed to find a safe place to house them. They are all currently being tested for disease and will shortly be vaccinated before being moved to safety.

With such a large number of dogs needing rescue at one time we desperately need funds to be able to vaccinate and transport them to the shelter, which will cost around 50 Euros for each dog.

If you would like to help us rescue these dogs you can donate by paypal at pro-galgo@total-barcelona.com or see the “how to help” page.

Slideshow of the Cordoba galgos


8 Feb

THIS MAIL CAME ON MONDAY FROM THE CUENCA ANIMAL SHELTER: We need assistance in a special case…. a shepherd in Cuenca, after having his sheep attacked, has “imprisoned”a galgo family. The dogs are galgo mixes, possibly with Podenco but the adults are totally wild and try to bite. Continue reading


27 Jan

those are just some of the 50’000 reasons why to sign!

Please sign the petition against the mistreating and killing of the galgos in Spain!

We hope this petition will put pressure on the Spanish government to put its animal welfare laws into practice and start enforcing them like every other EU country has to. Several animal welfare charities have joined PRO-GALGO as co-authors on this petition so we are hoping it will make a real impact.

Find the petition here, or click on “sign petition” in the menu bar above.


24 Jan

It is with great sadness that on tuesday this week it was decided that GIL, the brindle galgo rescued from Seville, had to be put to sleep. The vet found that due to his starvation he had kidney and liver failure, he also had gangrene in the leg fracture which was giving him a huge infection in his blood. During the autopsy the vet also found that his veins were very damaged, evidence of steroid abuse by his “owners” to make him run faster. GIL was in extreme pain and it was the kindest thing to euthanise him and end his suffering.

Run happy and free of pain Gil. xxxx

A big thankyou to everyone who donated to help save GIL, even though we were too late.


24 Jan

There is a new auction in progress run by Carpe Canum to raise money for Galgo Rescue International Network, it can be found here.

You can find details of GRIN and the work they do here: http://www.galgorescue.org/ 

The auction contains all kinds of hound accessories and merchandise.

We would like to wish GRIN all the best of luck with this new fundraising project.


23 Jan

We have some new hand-made tassels which your hound can wear to show that he is micro-chipped and neutered.

Take a look in our Galgo Shop for information on how to order.


15 Jan

This galgo was found in SEVILLA, again the place of galgo suffering

TERESA is the lady who had REY in fostercare until he could be homed to
his family.

This dog needs urgent veterinary treatment, most probably the amputation of his completly atrophiated hind leg.

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