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Jacob arrives in the UK

21 Apr


Jacob took the long journey from Spain to Bristol just over a week ago now and he has made wonderful progress since then yay.gif

He wouldnt let me touch him for a day or 2 but now trusts me completely, although he will still only approach Paul from behind, and if he turns around Jacob backs away unsure.gif a remnant of his abuse sadly mad.gif

Sadly his mutilated ear became infected during the journey so I am having to clean it every day to stop the pus from building up and running into what is left of the ear canal sadcry.gif He is so good now and lets me do it with no problem.

The last few days he has had a waggy tail and even does a bit of a dance when we come home now, rather than being frightened of us yay.gif He loves the other dogs and was play bowing and barking at Lucy today lol.gif He has totally accepted them all and the are not bothered by him at all. He loves to snuggle down between them and definitly feels more relaxed and confident when around other dogs.

Anyway here are some pictures of the lovely chap 🙂