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1 Apr

Thanks to your kind and generous donations we were able to help all of the dogs in danger of euthanasia at the Cordoba city pound. Many have been homed already in France, thanks to PRO-GALGO and Barbara Lefranc from Le Bulletin des Levriers http://bulletinlevrier.blogspot.com/


A lovely brindle male who is currently staying with Mo due to a bad trachea infection which is making him quite ill.

TASS (seen here with Greta)

A lovely brindle galgo, very thin but a loving friendly dog.


A slightly rough-coated sweet galga. She has a huge fan, the Swiss movie director, KIRSTEN ALBERS who will come from Switzerland to meet GRETA in May. We are sure they will fall in love and will make a movie-like couple 🙂 GRETA is due to travel to Cheeseland in June and until then is in foster care of Mo near Barcelona.


Another young and very skinny brindle galgo.


A beautiful white galga who unfortunately has tested positive for Leishmanias. She is very happy and healthy though and can be homed in France, hopefully soon. FIVI will need long-term treatment for her condition and so will become a new PRO-GALGO sponsor dog to help pay for her treatment. See the “sponsor dogs” page for more information on how to sponsor FIVI.

FIVI seen here with ARIEL


A young fawn galga, very friendly and sweet.


A distinctive chocolate-brown and white galga, a little thin but very friendly. PUCCA will soon travel to the Tudela shelter where she will stay until she is adopted.

Thanks to your help we managed to save all of these dogs from being euthanised. Only with continued support from the public can we carry on caring for the dogs we already have, and take in more that are in danger. A big THANKYOU for your help.